Restoration Project

The Best Wallet Ever. Period.


Tired of back problems from sitting on your way-too-thick wallet? Tired of buying a new wallet every 2 years because the cheap one you bought is falling apart? Those days are over. 

This front pocket wallet will last long enough to gift to your great-grandchildren after you die, and it will save your back. Easily holds half-a-dozen cards, as well as a custom Restoration Project stamped strap to hold cash. Over years of use it will age to a rich brown, marked by the stories you invest in. 

And on top of that, it is hand-cut, stitched, and stamped by our friends at Haiti Made, where they are giving opportunities to Haitian families who want to change their family legacies through training and employment. 

Carry a story in your pocket. And buy one for a brother too. 

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