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The Best Wallet Ever. Period.

Restoration Project

The Best Wallet Ever. Period.



welome to restoration project

Unprepared and isolated men destroy society. But the intentional man restores those around him. We dare men to be fathers and brothers who change the world by leaving legacies for generations to come. 



Intentional fathering wasn't modeled for many of us. But you shouldn't have to question your ability as a dad.  

God has given every man the power to change the world through present, and healed fathering. Join the thousands of other dads who have turned their hearts to their kids 

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brotherhood project

don't settle for buddies

You have plenty of friends to hang out with - guys you can banter with and share a hobby with. But this does nothing to counter your isolation. You crave something more. Because you were designed for more. Pursue brothers, not buddies. 

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bring life to your kids

Expeditions are outdoor experiences designed to help you bond with your children and cast vision for their future, so you can be an intentional dad.

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